Saturday, 18 October 2008

5 Web Comics To Check Out...

Since about 5 years ago I've been in love with Web-Comics. Not those piece of crap sprite comics, or ones ripping off anime in the way you'd expect of a rapist. No, I mean genuinely funny or interesting comics. Hell I've even run a few (Life of Timmy, BoK, Chav Town and so on) myself with varying dedication and success. So weather your new to Web Comics or an old fan like me, why not check out these five and see if there are any gems you love, Enjoy:

1. Cyanide & Happiness
A strange comic with no set cast, no artistic ability, no running theme (other than the fact it's very funny) and a few different artists causing a variation in both art and writing. This leaves the comic feeling constantly fresh unlike a lot of comics which after about 20 strips your ready to stop reading. Well worth a look!

2. John and John
A comic not for the innocent minded out there. John and John is a perverse comic which shies away from no sexual topic. The jokes are a variation of funny jokes, the kind of jokes you laugh at cause their gross, and the kind of jokes you laugh at but hide it cause you know the joke was just flat-out wrong. I'd recommend this but remember, it is 18+ and probably NSFW.

3. White Ninja
White Ninja is pretty weird cause just like Cyanide & Happiness the art sucks, also the humour I personally find half the time sucks. Yet when a strip is funny it's VERY funny, it's also the kind of strip you can read for hours without getting bored. Worth a look :-)

4. KinokoFry
Wow, a web-comic by a girl...that isn't anime, a love story, or furry? Something’s not right here...never the less although I'm pretty new to this comic I love it, it's disjointed humour and twisted visuals as well as beautiful at times artwork all mix together for a very enjoyable comic you'll keep coming back too for more!

5. Dueling Analogs
Of course I couldn't do this without at least ONE game related web-comic! Dueling Analogs is a well under rated web-comic after coming out a few years too late to make it's name as one of the big players in the game-comic craze but that isn't to say it's a bad comic! In-fact you wont find any miscarriages, or horrid lack of updates here like two of the leading game-comics and it's also a VERY funny comic if you play games enough to get the jokes!

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