Tuesday, 21 October 2008


As I said about 2 posts ago, I <3 Web Comics and I've run a few in the past. For the last year or so I haven't really done much, just a BOK strip every now and then when I hear a joke I know I can only get away with telling on the internet, or a few doodles for plans for a future return of Life Of TimmY, but I haven't actually started a comic series with potential and tried to meet that potential in a long while. Lucky for me (and maybe for you) that dry spell is almost at an end! For I give you:

Zom-B is a comic following the funny side of a grim near future where zombies have risen up and humanity is falling. The plot is very simple, a group of characters surviving the end of the world, but the comic isn't entirely about that but more about how the characters, each from very different walks of life interact with each other...but you know...in a less boring way than I'm making it sound.

Right now all I have is the cover page for the comic which has been uploaded to it's future home on Drunk Duck and can be found HERE. As I develop characters and zombies no doubt I'll post images of them here to show them off (till Bit Of Corn is online) but the best thing you can do is check on the Drunk Duck Comic page every few days, I hope to have the comic started soon but with things going on in my life I can't promise ANYTHING right now.

Ps. Oh and no, it's not pure luck that I'm working on this comic close to the release of Left4Dead, in-fact L4D is a strong inspiration and I'm hoping the popularity that the game will no doubt have will help my comic get somewhere :-D it's a sell-out move I know but fuck it, if it gets me readers!

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