Thursday, 16 October 2008

So the other day I was invited to the Cinema! This is a rare occurrence for me considering I’m about as social as any teen Disney actress is likeable. So, as I wasn’t paying (thanks Morrison :-D) my friend took the role of movie-picker so we went to see How To Lose Friends & Alienate People. I’ll admit this would not have been my first choice because if the trailers were anything to be trusted it was going to be a sucky movie, I also had doubts about how many more good movies Simon Pegg can be in before he dose a shit one. I must say though I was pleasantly surprised!

The basic plot of the movie is one that although not totally original (small timer goes to the big city to become success but ends up selling out morals but finding them in the nick of time) has been done in a way I can’t think of being used before, following a guy in the celebrity journalist role, quite a nice breath of fresh air in well over used concepts that have been bouncing around recently. Something else that was nice was the fact this movie was a comedy, but not a ‘fun for the whole family’ comedy! Why should this be so important? Well because recently I’ve noticed you get 3 kinds of comedy: Teen Movies, which I’d rather die than watch now I’m no longer a teen and realise they are the height of badly made crap. Adult Spoof Movies (no I don’t mean Lord of the G-Strings) which since Scary Movie 2 haven’t been made very well in a long time, and finally Family Fun movies, most of these are horrid all black cast ‘oh no you di’ent!’ bullshit churned out by Disney to justify the use of anyone who isn’t working for Pixar. So in fairness this was a nice change because it was an ADULT comedy (lots of naughty words, some boobies and male-frontal nudity and so on) but didn’t fall back of childishly bad ‘look! I made a gay joke then pulled a woman’s top off!’ jokes over and over which was really nice, it felt like a comedy for more mature people, not 18 year old dick heads.

One thing I hate in almost every movie, it even dragged down some brownie points on Wall-E for me (and I’m a man who loves his Wall-E!), is the sad moments. The bit in a happy fun movie which brings a tear to your eye even though you know it’ll all be fine in the end. Thus I love this movie even more because although it had it’s moments where you felt bad for a character, it didn’t feel sad which was nice. Combine this with the fact I think almost everyone in the cinema laughed at most of the jokes (very few jokes missed the target) and a good cast with believable characters and some very funny bitchy nods towards the celebrity business and you have a very good movie on your hands!

Thinking back over the movie I think the only problem I had in the entire thing was the fact I’d baught a drink bigger than my bladder so for the last 10 minutes I was praying the movie would end so I could go pee. Other than that the movie was genuinely an enjoyable movie and me and my two friends left the cinema with smiles on our faces and were talking about and quoting the movie for the whole walk home. I think my run of bad cinema trips is finally at an end, so what should I see next? Leave a comment if you can be arsed but I doubt you can.

Oh and DO NOT trust this trailer if you think it looks crap:


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