Thursday, 5 February 2009

Pack up guys, were moving!

So, after running the den for what feels like forever but really is only about 4 months I’ve decided I need a change of sitting and thus, the blog is moving!

Moriarty’s Den was always meant to be a place I could rant under another name and thus no repercussions for what I said but in recent weeks I’ve realised it doesn't really matter if people know who I am, close friends and family already know my opinions on the world and strangers, well I hope you all have better things to do than give too much of a crap about what I say. There is also the fact that the site feels too impersonal, partly due to the persona but also because since day one it’s been more about my views on video-games than me, I’m not saying I want it to all be about me, god no, that’d be horridly boring, What I’m saying is political, religiously and other big topics in life I’ve voiced in no way though my blog, and I’ve hardly touched on my other work and with new comics planned for the future I need somewhere to call home on the net to pitch them from.

What’ll Change?
The posts I’ve made over the last 4 months will stay here, I’ve also imported them into the new blog for future readers to look back though if their so horridly bored that sticking forks in their eyes isn’t entertainment enough. As for changes, I’ll no doubt end up talking about video-games too much as it is a major part of my life (not a big part, just pretty much the only part that isn’t stuck in cryogenics) but I also wanna do more rants about life and what pisses me off and what makes me smile. I might also start breaking out the camera a bit more and I hope as the reader base grows (if it grows) who knows, maybe spark a debate or two as well as flame wars in the comments section :-D

The new blog is called:

Now. The sites up, I’ll be making a post or two on there asap just to get it warmed up, so remember the change your bookmark!

See You On The Other Side! <3

Wednesday, 4 February 2009



Ah twitter, I mentioned this little web 2.0 tool a while back and in fairness I tried to play it up but I just didn’t care. It seemed like someone had taken the status update used in Facebook and built a site on that and nothing else. Integrating it into your blog seemed like the only logical use, hence I stuck it on here, over there >>>. Anyway, yesterday, after using twitter for a month I finally tried checking out the twitter community, how? I subscribed to Stephen Fry’s twitter, instantly the site became a whole new thing to me, fun, interesting, and insanely nosey! I found that my TV hero was updating his twitter almost constantly, including his epic adventures getting stuck in a lift, I found this weirdly interesting, and the more I red the more I began to fall in love with Twitter. I’ve heard it being described as the ultimate news feed but always took that as marketing bumph but yesterday I realised it really is. People can update their twitters a lot faster than a news crew can report something. People who were these when something happened will “tweet” which will then spread across the…I’m gonna be cool now and coin a term…Twitter-Sphere in moments!

Alas as cool as this all sounds though I enjoy twitter because it goes back to basics. Pictures are in links, no fancy flash animations, no blinking text or pimped out posts. It feels like the IRC equivalent of Web 2.0 which has a real charm for me, a lover of the simple…no I don’t mean I take advantage of mentally ill people…well, not often but I’m getting off topic. I love the setup, the style, the community, and the popularity of twitter and would recommend everyone gives it a try at least for a few weeks and if you do, subscribe to me and I’ll subscribe to you, and together we shall take on the tweets of others!*


*I probably wont talk to you, but we can pretend right?

Sunday, 1 February 2009


sorry for the sucky lack of good updates this weekend, till next time I hope this puts a smile on your face <3

Saturday, 31 January 2009


Guess who got a Golden Cart version of The Legend of Zelda for the NES today? Oooh yeeeeah! :-D Anywho, I’m unable to find my NES (sods law) so I’ve opted for running it on an emulator (legally!) and I’m looking into a way to mount the cart in a frame for my wall. Sounds OTT but this was the first RPG I ever played and my god I loved it even if I sucked at it. Anywho just thought I’d share. Updates soon darlins.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Silent Hill 2 Walkthough

I’m feeling too meh to really write a long winded update today, but I did find this awesome guy on YouTube who records walkthoughs for games. Might sound pointless but I’m the kinda person who’ll buy horror games and make my house mate play them cause I’m a wimp. So if you enjoy watching horror games more than playing them, or your stuck and walkthoughts in text don’t help, check this out :D

More Coming Soon

Half Life in 60 Seconds

Friday, 23 January 2009

5 Scary Games


So today I’m trying to get a few updates out as you know, so I thought instead of writing a long winded review of one of the few games I’ve completed (that list consists of Castle Crashers) I’d do one of my ‘randomly list 5’ things, and recently horror games have been catching a lot of my attention so I thought why not do a list of scary games? I checked YouTube for scary game lists and realised all of them had listed the same games, and a lot of those games were ether not very scary (Doom 3…wtf?) so here is my list, not all main stream games ether, enjoy:

1. F.E.A.R
F.E.A.R (a bastard for me to type) is a rare hybrid, mixing not only action and horror (which fails 99% of the time) but also first person action. The result is actually very good. Sudden scary moments come just as the games action elements are getting dull and normally the fact it’s a horror game has slipped to the back of your mind and thus the scare is so much worse. I just finished the F.E.A.R 2 demo for 360 and I don’t think I have any clean underwear left now, so the series isn’t losing its ability to scare even after 2 expansions and a stand alone online game.

2. Penumbra/Penumbra : Black Plague
I’ve listed the two games because in fairness Black Plague isn’t so much a sequel but more part two and thus both come recommended. Once again you get thrown into the first person mode but this time with NO weapons. Instead of action this is a puzzle game pushing you to work out what most of the time are not overly complex problems, what makes it hard is the fucked up creatures stalking the hallways trying to find and kill you. When something chases you down a hall screaming and laughing and you know you need to hide trust me you’ll wish you’d setup your laptop by the loo.

3. Condemned
Yes it’s another first person shooter, but this one just like the previous two manages something weird and new. The monsters? Their not monsters, just fucked up people. The scariest enemies don’t even move and aint even enemies (you’ll understand in the shop) and your arsenal? Any pipe, axe, hammer, or bit of wood you can get your hands on. This game is all about close combat, so close you can see the madness in the eyes of a drug addict who’s blinded by rage and just wants you dead. The use of a very crappy torch with very small area of sight gives you an immense claustrophobic feel too. This game had me scared shitless and I wasn’t even playing!

4. Resident Evil 1 (GC)
Wehay finally one that's not action or first person! So, what’s so scary about resident evil? Admittedly it’s kinda like the older brother of Silent Hill which was never quite as good at sports as his little brother but in the GameCube remake of Resident Evil it wasn’t the graphical upgrade that made it scary, it wasn’t the addition of stuff left out of the original, hell it wasn’t even the voice acting. No, it was the Bronze caps. An evil concept by which if you don’t destroy the head or burn the body of a zombie within a set time it would rise again but this time stronger, faster…and able to now not only use doors but stairs. There is almost no escape from one and it’ll keep coming till you kill it for good. This being chased element will make you shit yourself, well worth a go.

5. Clock Tower
Now Clock Tower is an odd choice, for starters its on PS1, it’s graphically shit and it’s about as heard of as me in a hot woman's bed. So, why’d I pick it? Well recently I picked up Clock Tower 3 on the PS2 for my house-mate (I was too scared to play it myself…what? I’m a wimp!) and was horrified to find the game was bogged down by horrid voice acting, happy-happy-joy-joy, a plot which made me wanna kill my friends and family it was so bad and characters you wanted to die. In truth it was still a scary game, but you can’t measure the merits of a horror game just on it’s scariness. Scream scared me, I still think it’s the worst horror movie I’ve watched since House of the Dead. So, I’ve picked Clock Tower 1 (or 2 if it catches your fancy) because I think everyone who can should give this game a chance, it’s truly fucked up and scary putting you in control of a powerless teenage girl being stalked by a serial killer you have to uncover the truth behind what’s going on while not getting killed. Same concept as Penumbra but from a point and click adventure game point of view. The game had me scared before anything had even happened. Get it if you can.

So, before I finish I’d like to make clear, the game that scared me the most ever was Silent Hill 2, and there are plenty of other scary games out there, this wasn’t a list of my top 5, it’s just 5 I’d recommend, so no complaining that I’m wrong or something ok?