Thursday, 23 October 2008

My Desktop

Well I think my computer is almost to the standard it was before the format and it's nice to have it back! :-D

So, now I'm left with this:

Ok so a rundown of what I've done to get this image!

1. Start Killer - This little tool removes the Start Button from Windows XP and the Windows Orb from Vista. You can open up your menu by hitting the windows key on your keyboard so it's not lost forever. This tool is pretty useless unless you want to restrict someone's use of the PC or your using a file dock such as:

2. Rocket Dock - A funky tool that anyone who's used an Apple Mac computer should be quite at home with. It features smooth animation for minimizing windows and a high level of customisation. I personally have set mine on the left hand side of my screen set to off-screen so no matter what I have open (excluding full screen games and so on) if I press my mouse against the left side of my screen the dock slides out giving me access to all my tools and software. Very handy and works very well with the Start Killer!

3. The wallpaper:

A very snazzy wallpaper that looks quite good with almost any icon on it. It also works well with the icon-titles in Rocket Dock. Sadly I have no idea who made this and can't even remember where I found it, if this is yours or you know the creator please contact me so I can credit you :-) (and yes this is the same wallpaper used in the blog, what can I say? It's grown on me!)

Sadly Windows Blinds (at least a worth while copy) isn't free so I'm stuck with the blue start bar for now but I imagine this would look best on Windows Vista, if you try it on a Vista computer send me a screen of the final result!

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