Friday, 17 October 2008

Mother 3 goes English!

If there is one game I am quite ashamed to say I’ve never played it would be anything from the Mother series, or as we English speaking people call it, Earthbound. The series began on SNES and in truth I know little about it or what happened to it, all I do know is that the third instalment was released on GBA but only for Japan which annoyed a lot of the fans, but not one who settled down and started painstakingly translating the game via rom and after quite some time has now released the English Patch for the games ROM file. Now I should make clear I have not tried this patch and I don’t own a legal copy and thus it would be naughty of me OR ANYONE ELSE to get this patch and a ROM from some website like but in case you do own a copy, here’s the website:

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