Wednesday, 22 October 2008

PSone Classics / PSP

Ok so today my Laptop finally did a nose dive into fucksupvill leaving me with no option but to do a full system format. This is a common thing for me because no matter what anti-virus software I have running, no matter how careful I am with my downloads and no matter how often I clean out my computer to stop clutter, something WILL fuck up. So anyway, while waiting for my computer to format (a slow process) I picked up and dusted off my PSP. Realising Silent Hill Origins was in and feeling too wimpy to give it a play but too lazy to get up and go pick up a fun game off my shelf I opted for the more expensive option. Having just upgraded my firmware to version 5.01 (literally days after version 5.00 so god knows what they fucked up to rush out a 0.01 worth of updates) I was keen to try out the PlayStation Store newly added to the PSP menu, so I logged in and dragged myself kicking and screaming though page after page of register information. Finally I had my account so I began to poke around the sore and in fairness it's not a bad little place.

It has some full games, some demos (FINALLY!), even a few free wallpapers for your PSP backdrop. None of this truly interested me though once I found the PSone Classics area...I swear if there was ever proof of a god it would be in the ability to play classic titles on a PSP. So quickly I ran downstairs to get my bank card and bought myself £5 (yes this meant getting up and voids the whole "I'm too lazy to get a game from my shelf" but come on...PSone classics!) worth of spending money in the store, now this is where I start to compare because although I am FAR from a fan boy of Sony they just won themselves some brownie points in my eyes because where Nintendo use Nintendo Points, and Microsoft use Microsoft Points, Sony use £ (or if your American $)! No trying to work out exactly how much a game is in real money instead of silly money like the other two which is actually quite nice, but in fairness what do Sony have to hide? I mean on Wii I paid about £8 for Mario 64, on PSP I paid under £4 for MediEvil! So all is good right? Sadly no...

After buying my game I got to downloading it...this is where things started to suck a little. The game was about 360mb and in fairness over a wireless network (and considering I'm yet to find a console with speedy internet) this was bound to be slow, but it felt slow even with this in mind and finally after downloading the installation took almost as long! By the time the game was ready to play my laptop was formatted and waiting for me to use it.

This was a kick in the knackers but still, MediEvil! So I quickly loaded up the game and in fairness the game ran perfect, I'm yet to see anyone online come up with an emulator for PSX titles with as few floors as the one in the PSP so that was good. Alas though there was a down side, one that could be fixed with a simple peripheral I'd happily buy...there’s no second shoulder buttons! Because of this they have replaced L2 and R2 with the left and right on the joystick (which I had to manually change to the D-Pad cause playing a 3D game with a D-Pad is the perfect way to make your thumb hate you so much) and up on the joystick (or D-Pad) for both buttons pushed together. This on paper seems like a good substitute but it's not when you have to press up on the D-Pad to go into first person view and break a finger trying to press left or right on the joystick at the same time, it simply doesn’t work :-(

There were a few others issues with the emulation, the sound was too quiet, the screen was too dull and the resolution was thumb-nail, but in fairness all 3 of these can be fixed by pressing the Home button and fiddling with the settings but NOWHERE do they tell you this so I didn't discover these options till I hit the Home button with the intention of quitting though frustration and the fact my thumb hated me.

All in all PSone Classics on PSP works well, and if they ever release the Final Fantasy VII-IX titles on it I'll be buying them, but if your interested in getting a game, look though the list and ask yourself "how will the controls work with this title?" before you part with any cash.

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