Thursday, 5 February 2009

Pack up guys, were moving!

So, after running the den for what feels like forever but really is only about 4 months I’ve decided I need a change of sitting and thus, the blog is moving!

Moriarty’s Den was always meant to be a place I could rant under another name and thus no repercussions for what I said but in recent weeks I’ve realised it doesn't really matter if people know who I am, close friends and family already know my opinions on the world and strangers, well I hope you all have better things to do than give too much of a crap about what I say. There is also the fact that the site feels too impersonal, partly due to the persona but also because since day one it’s been more about my views on video-games than me, I’m not saying I want it to all be about me, god no, that’d be horridly boring, What I’m saying is political, religiously and other big topics in life I’ve voiced in no way though my blog, and I’ve hardly touched on my other work and with new comics planned for the future I need somewhere to call home on the net to pitch them from.

What’ll Change?
The posts I’ve made over the last 4 months will stay here, I’ve also imported them into the new blog for future readers to look back though if their so horridly bored that sticking forks in their eyes isn’t entertainment enough. As for changes, I’ll no doubt end up talking about video-games too much as it is a major part of my life (not a big part, just pretty much the only part that isn’t stuck in cryogenics) but I also wanna do more rants about life and what pisses me off and what makes me smile. I might also start breaking out the camera a bit more and I hope as the reader base grows (if it grows) who knows, maybe spark a debate or two as well as flame wars in the comments section :-D

The new blog is called:

Now. The sites up, I’ll be making a post or two on there asap just to get it warmed up, so remember the change your bookmark!

See You On The Other Side! <3

Wednesday, 4 February 2009



Ah twitter, I mentioned this little web 2.0 tool a while back and in fairness I tried to play it up but I just didn’t care. It seemed like someone had taken the status update used in Facebook and built a site on that and nothing else. Integrating it into your blog seemed like the only logical use, hence I stuck it on here, over there >>>. Anyway, yesterday, after using twitter for a month I finally tried checking out the twitter community, how? I subscribed to Stephen Fry’s twitter, instantly the site became a whole new thing to me, fun, interesting, and insanely nosey! I found that my TV hero was updating his twitter almost constantly, including his epic adventures getting stuck in a lift, I found this weirdly interesting, and the more I red the more I began to fall in love with Twitter. I’ve heard it being described as the ultimate news feed but always took that as marketing bumph but yesterday I realised it really is. People can update their twitters a lot faster than a news crew can report something. People who were these when something happened will “tweet” which will then spread across the…I’m gonna be cool now and coin a term…Twitter-Sphere in moments!

Alas as cool as this all sounds though I enjoy twitter because it goes back to basics. Pictures are in links, no fancy flash animations, no blinking text or pimped out posts. It feels like the IRC equivalent of Web 2.0 which has a real charm for me, a lover of the simple…no I don’t mean I take advantage of mentally ill people…well, not often but I’m getting off topic. I love the setup, the style, the community, and the popularity of twitter and would recommend everyone gives it a try at least for a few weeks and if you do, subscribe to me and I’ll subscribe to you, and together we shall take on the tweets of others!*


*I probably wont talk to you, but we can pretend right?

Sunday, 1 February 2009


sorry for the sucky lack of good updates this weekend, till next time I hope this puts a smile on your face <3

Saturday, 31 January 2009


Guess who got a Golden Cart version of The Legend of Zelda for the NES today? Oooh yeeeeah! :-D Anywho, I’m unable to find my NES (sods law) so I’ve opted for running it on an emulator (legally!) and I’m looking into a way to mount the cart in a frame for my wall. Sounds OTT but this was the first RPG I ever played and my god I loved it even if I sucked at it. Anywho just thought I’d share. Updates soon darlins.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Silent Hill 2 Walkthough

I’m feeling too meh to really write a long winded update today, but I did find this awesome guy on YouTube who records walkthoughs for games. Might sound pointless but I’m the kinda person who’ll buy horror games and make my house mate play them cause I’m a wimp. So if you enjoy watching horror games more than playing them, or your stuck and walkthoughts in text don’t help, check this out :D

More Coming Soon

Half Life in 60 Seconds

Friday, 23 January 2009

5 Scary Games


So today I’m trying to get a few updates out as you know, so I thought instead of writing a long winded review of one of the few games I’ve completed (that list consists of Castle Crashers) I’d do one of my ‘randomly list 5’ things, and recently horror games have been catching a lot of my attention so I thought why not do a list of scary games? I checked YouTube for scary game lists and realised all of them had listed the same games, and a lot of those games were ether not very scary (Doom 3…wtf?) so here is my list, not all main stream games ether, enjoy:

1. F.E.A.R
F.E.A.R (a bastard for me to type) is a rare hybrid, mixing not only action and horror (which fails 99% of the time) but also first person action. The result is actually very good. Sudden scary moments come just as the games action elements are getting dull and normally the fact it’s a horror game has slipped to the back of your mind and thus the scare is so much worse. I just finished the F.E.A.R 2 demo for 360 and I don’t think I have any clean underwear left now, so the series isn’t losing its ability to scare even after 2 expansions and a stand alone online game.

2. Penumbra/Penumbra : Black Plague
I’ve listed the two games because in fairness Black Plague isn’t so much a sequel but more part two and thus both come recommended. Once again you get thrown into the first person mode but this time with NO weapons. Instead of action this is a puzzle game pushing you to work out what most of the time are not overly complex problems, what makes it hard is the fucked up creatures stalking the hallways trying to find and kill you. When something chases you down a hall screaming and laughing and you know you need to hide trust me you’ll wish you’d setup your laptop by the loo.

3. Condemned
Yes it’s another first person shooter, but this one just like the previous two manages something weird and new. The monsters? Their not monsters, just fucked up people. The scariest enemies don’t even move and aint even enemies (you’ll understand in the shop) and your arsenal? Any pipe, axe, hammer, or bit of wood you can get your hands on. This game is all about close combat, so close you can see the madness in the eyes of a drug addict who’s blinded by rage and just wants you dead. The use of a very crappy torch with very small area of sight gives you an immense claustrophobic feel too. This game had me scared shitless and I wasn’t even playing!

4. Resident Evil 1 (GC)
Wehay finally one that's not action or first person! So, what’s so scary about resident evil? Admittedly it’s kinda like the older brother of Silent Hill which was never quite as good at sports as his little brother but in the GameCube remake of Resident Evil it wasn’t the graphical upgrade that made it scary, it wasn’t the addition of stuff left out of the original, hell it wasn’t even the voice acting. No, it was the Bronze caps. An evil concept by which if you don’t destroy the head or burn the body of a zombie within a set time it would rise again but this time stronger, faster…and able to now not only use doors but stairs. There is almost no escape from one and it’ll keep coming till you kill it for good. This being chased element will make you shit yourself, well worth a go.

5. Clock Tower
Now Clock Tower is an odd choice, for starters its on PS1, it’s graphically shit and it’s about as heard of as me in a hot woman's bed. So, why’d I pick it? Well recently I picked up Clock Tower 3 on the PS2 for my house-mate (I was too scared to play it myself…what? I’m a wimp!) and was horrified to find the game was bogged down by horrid voice acting, happy-happy-joy-joy, a plot which made me wanna kill my friends and family it was so bad and characters you wanted to die. In truth it was still a scary game, but you can’t measure the merits of a horror game just on it’s scariness. Scream scared me, I still think it’s the worst horror movie I’ve watched since House of the Dead. So, I’ve picked Clock Tower 1 (or 2 if it catches your fancy) because I think everyone who can should give this game a chance, it’s truly fucked up and scary putting you in control of a powerless teenage girl being stalked by a serial killer you have to uncover the truth behind what’s going on while not getting killed. Same concept as Penumbra but from a point and click adventure game point of view. The game had me scared before anything had even happened. Get it if you can.

So, before I finish I’d like to make clear, the game that scared me the most ever was Silent Hill 2, and there are plenty of other scary games out there, this wasn’t a list of my top 5, it’s just 5 I’d recommend, so no complaining that I’m wrong or something ok?

Sims 3

Ok, I’ll admit my shame. I’ve been a fan of the Sims since the first game, I even would have picked up MySims on Wii if I hadn’t gotten rid of my Wii (or if my laptop could run the PC version). I’ve enjoyed both games and all the expansions but in truth I haven’t been looking forward to Sims 3. Why? Well the graphics in the early screenshots looked like they’d finally slipped into the uncanny valley, and beyond the open world and the graphics it looked like there was gonna be little else to offer other than higher system specs and a new £30 price tag. That was till I finally bit the bullet and watched the Developer Game Tour on the sims official YouTube channel. I gotta say it’s won me over big time, looks quite fun. I do wish they’d somehow brought a basic version of the creation tools in Spore into the game to allow some basic customisation for people without the ability to model but even without that the game looks vast, fun, and the iron bladder perk sounds like a god sent if I can unlock it. All the more reason for me to start saving for that new PC a? Enjoy:

Been A While


Hey dudes and dudes-with-bewbs, if any of you are even still checking this thing. Sorry for the long silence, works been taking up a lot of my time and life's been crushed into the weekends I’d normally use to update. Once again sorry. I’ve been off work for two days ill though so fingers crossed my concentration is here enough to churn out a post or two but I promise nothing!

So, I’ve finally begun to get used to this NetBook although it has presented me with some issues.

1. Even though it’s exactly the same specs as my crap-top and even runs WoW better, after spending 4 days downloading a copy of FFXI (because my copy is on CD and NetBooks don’t have CD drives) I discover it runs it about as good as  I run marathons, same goes for a few other games, but no major kick in the knackers, gaming isn’t the reason I got this little thing, interwebs is! Which leads onto problem…

2. Even though this little thing is designed for web use, you know, MSN, Blogging, and browsing the net, due to it’s…hell I dunno what flash consumes but I’m gonna pretend I know and say due to it’s RAM flash heavy sites (so most sites with banner ad’s by fucktards like Sky or O2) cause IE and FireFox to both throw hissy-fits on a scale which will probably force you to ctrl+alt+delete your way out killing any downloads you had on the go as well as any sites you was looking at…really spoils a porn-a-thon you know!

3. This is a Netbook, as I’ve said, their designed for net based stuff, one of those being Blogging. It comes with a basic webcam for Vloggers but that I have no issue with. My problem is that Windows Live Writer isn’t designed for the international Netbook resolution of 1024x600, this means I can’t access some options due to the lack of a tiny scroll bar someone who should be fired at Microsoft (I pray their in the cutbacks) didn’t put in. Not the NetBooks fault in all fairness but still, it’s bugging me and making blogging less enjoyable.

So yeah, needless to say there isn’t any reason for this update, I’ve just got a headache, I’m bored, and don’t fancy shouting at people on Halo 3 so I thought I’d just rant on here :-)

Anywho, I’ll try getting some updates out soon my lovelies <3

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Fear the Netbook!


So, my laptop is about to crap out so thanks to my mum who bailed me out with a £279.95 loan, I am the proud owner of an Advent Netbook :-D

The next few updates may be…shittily written? cause the keyboard is TINY but eeee! New computer!

Monday, 12 January 2009

Microsoft CES 2009 Keynotes

For all my readers who are as nerdy as me:

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Final Fantasy XI



So, I've done the shameful thing and gone back to Final Fantasy XI :-( if anyone else plays let me know, I need friends in it :-D

Ta-ta for now darlings <3

Friday, 9 January 2009

1 Down, 1999 To Go...

Wtf Well, I've finished my first week of work for the DWP and I'm ready to curl up into a small ball and die.

But alas there is no time for that, for there are things to do! What? I hear myself ask (I'm so alone), and in reply I answer "Play games little guy! For we shall review plenty and fill this blog with more articles than you can shake a stick at for no one to read!" and I'll be all like "Wow, your my hero" and...*ahem* sorry...

ANYWHO! I promise nothing but I'll TRY and get some updates done this weekend my lovelies :-)

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Less Than 12 Hours...not that I'm counting...>_>

card-board-office So, I start my new job tomorrow. I am pooing myself! Anywho, it dose mean I'll probably be way too tiered to actually update this week, maybe next. So till the next update, good luck in life :-)

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Mirrors Edge

360-Mirrors-Edge Right it's been a while since I've done one of these, an actual review of a game! For Christmas my parents picked me up a copy of Mirrors Edge, now I know any long time readers of the Den will know I ripped Mirrors Edge a new one based on the demo but to my shock, surprise, and a little bit of sexual joy, the game is VASTLY better than the demo! So, what makes it so good? Read on and find out :-)



Mirrors Edge is one of those games that even at the quickest glance you know what game it is. It's use of white with blocks of vibrant colours is nothing short of beautiful and paints the picture of a perfect city, at the same time it can be a bit of an issue though as so much white can be a bit overwhelming at times and leave you lost, or blind if the brightness on your TV is too high. The game suffers from texture resolution jumps but less than most games (and these days with every game pushing the fold of graphics it's become so common for resolution jumps in textures it hardly seems worth mentioning), I also found that although the levels were amazingly good looking, the human characters...well they didn't so much feel like they'd fallen into the uncanny valley, but more that they were made of clay or something. They looked weird. Even with the graphical floors though Mirrors Edge is one of those games you should get for the visual experience alone.


Sound is very important in Mirrors Edge even though it hardly feels like a factor. All of the music is soft and ambient and even the combat music feels so soft the fart of a mouse could drown it out. Beyond music there's a lot of use of background sounds like cars, planes, running water and so on, other than that most of the time the main sound you'll hear is of Faith running, jumping, and grunting in a way which would make any man cross his legs. It might all sound a little pointless but I played a little bit with the sound muted and the world just felt wrong, even though the sound is so discreet, it's vital. Sadly there is an issue with the audio though, the voices over the comm system can be hard to hear at times causing you to miss information which might be useful in the level or plot, which leads us onto...


The story in Mirrors Edge is...well...pointless. Seriously, first time though I skipped all of the plot it would let me and enjoyed the game just as much as when I played with plot. The fact almost all the cut-scenes are done in 2D feels wrong, kinda like the plot is disconnected from the game it's self, it also felt pointless as 3D in-game videos would have looked and worked better and as far as I can see, would have been easier on the team at Dice. Anyway, the plot follows Faith (you), a free runner in a future city in which the government rules absolute and the world has entered a more pretty looking version of 1984. As all lines of communication are monitored your job is to transport information via the rooftops from one person to another without the cops catching you. The basic idea is very good and I hoped for some form of side-mission which would push you to find ways across the city to deliver information, alas this doesn't exist as your thrown into the main plot when you finish the tutorial. The main plot sees your sister framed for the murder of a government official who wants to relax the control on the city, you set off to prove her innocent blah blah blah. Seriously, if your looking for a deep plot this isn't the game for you. This one is much more about its...


Game Play:
This is truly where Mirrors Edge becomes a good game. Games like Prince of Persia, Assassins Creed, even Shadow of the Colossi have all tried to implement an element of free running, but although some have done it well, none have truly captured the flow and feel of true free running, Mirrors Edge has and has perfectly. The controls are mapped to only a few basic buttons (LT to Duck/Skid/Drop, LB to Jump/Pull Up/Wall Run, RT to Punch/Kick, RB to turn 180 quickly, Y to take a weapon, and B to show where your meant to be heading) which is impressive for such a complex game. The flow of your free running can vary from smooth and speedy if you hit the right jumps at the right times and judge things quickly, or painfully slow and embarrassing when you fall off the same drop 10 times, but beyond a few glitches in the system this is all based on your own skills in the game. One issue I did have was with some places in the game where your free running suddenly became 'slowly climb up these pipes for the next 5 minutes' which broke the flow. The game doesn't really give you 100% freedom but dose give you the feel of it which can be just as good if done properly like it is here. The combat admittedly left a lot to be desired but this is a free running game so I shouldn't be complaining about that, and I happily wouldn't except the fact they force combat down your throat at times which is truly a shame.


My Opinion:
Mirrors Edge should NOT be judged on it's crappy demo, the game is good. It has gotten a bit of a negative press but in fairness although it's not a perfect game, it's a good one and finally dose something new with the First Person system. Admittedly I was let down by the number of loose ends in the story and total lack of a character history for Faith beyond a short sum up which didn't really do her justice. I also felt a little let down by the lack of boss battles (there only being one which wasn't a 1 button quick time event) but Mirrors Edge feels kinda like how Jak and Daxter felt the first time I played number 1; a good game but more importantly it setup for an amazing franchise.


To Sum Up:
I'd recommend this game to anyone, it's learning curve is slow and steady, it's fun, and has a lot of reply value with the time trials and upcoming downloadable content. It has it's fair share of issues and floors but so dose almost every game but at least this one has the excuse that it's trying something new. If there is one reason I'd recommend playing Mirrors Edge it's because I do think this could become a major franchise in the future of gaming, so you'll wanna know where it all starts when your playing later and much more solid titles.

Friday, 2 January 2009

Well...good start to 2009...

So yeah, if you kept an eye on my Twitter over there on the right you'd know that I got hit with a nasty computer virus yesterday, disabled my ability to access any anti-virus sites, or run any on my system then slowly started to pull apart my laptop. So after a total system wipe I'm back again! I'll try to get an update or two out this weekend because I'm gonna be MIA for the next week as it's my first week in the new job, wish me luck!

Thursday, 1 January 2009

5 Sites To Poke

280157_1jpg So, here we are in 2009, feels kinda...2008ish huh? Anyway, I thought instead of making you guys wait days for a review of one of the many games I got for christmas I'd quickly update with a 5 Sites to Visit list like the good ol' days long long ago in 2008. So, here we go:

1. OCRemix
OCRemix (Over Clocked Remix) is a music remix site that's been running longer than I care to remember now. So what's so special about a remix site? Well OCR is dedicated to remixing video-game music. There are countless Final Fantasy battle theme remixes, more Mario Bros remixes than you can shake a stick at, and even a damn sexy Zelda remix which caused me to bump into the site long long ago. If your unsure about checking the site out (because let's be honest, most remixes suck ass) OCR is such a well respected and recognised site that they were taken on to do the music for Street Fighter II Turbo HD! Worth a check if your into a bit of gaming music but your bored of the same old tunes.

2. Twitter
So, my first act of 2009 was to finally join Twitter! If you don't know what twitter is, it's kinda like...well know your status on Facebook, MySpace or MSN? That little bit after your name where you tend to be silly with something like Moriarty : Has Big Balls, or emo and pissy like Moriarty : Hates you for your lies Peter Molyneux! </3. Anyway, Twitter is pretty much a site based around those little updates. I think it's referred to as an on-the-go mini-blog. You can attach Twitter to a mobile device (one vastly better than my chunk of crap) to update on the go too. The idea is that you and all your friends get it and connect up so you can see who's doing what and make plans based around it. Good idea, but for someone like me...well...don't expect a lot of updates in the ol' Twitter feed to the right there >>>>

3. Good Old Games
GOG is quite a new games portal on the net that only sells old games...sounds crap right? Well it's not! GOG specialises in classic games that the new generation won't have a clue about, from the Fallout originals to Broken Sword and from Simon the Sorcerer to the original Oddworld games. GOG not only brings you the classic titles of yester-year but also at the prices of ether $9.99 or $5.99 (so no major mark-up price on old games). Now you may think 'phhh why pay for these games? Their ripping me off on abandonware titles!' but in fairness to them their not. They only sell titles that are not free on the net, they do have 2 titles that you can pick up for free but you can get them from GOG for free too (with walkthoughs and other goodies). All of the games are Vista and XP compatible and GOG will only release a game when they have the rights to release it for the whole world meaning no 'out in the US now but out in Europe in 2 months'. It's rare I support an online shop but GOG seems to be the kinda shop we need more off, they seem to actually give a crap about their customers. Good on them :-D

4. Go2Web20
G2W20 is the ultimate Web 2.0 directory. Not much else to say's got a nice design, easy to use, runs a little slow on crappy computers like mine but for most people it should run ok. If there is some kind of web 2.0 service you need, if it exists, it's most likely there :-)

Bored of Second Life but hunger for more online social worlds? Why not check out MYRL! MYRL is a small directory of the "best" in social online worlds (personally I'm yet to find one I like so "best" should be based on your own opinion really). What I like about MYRL is it isn't just a link-block. Each button takes you to a small info page on the world and some screen shots to give you a good idea of what your letting yourself in for before you load up what can sometimes be hefty sites with way too many graphics than are needed. If your new to the whole social online world thing this site is for you because you can read up a little on each world without the feeling that your being bullshitted by the worlds own website trying to sell it's self on over played features.