Sunday, 5 October 2008

5 Free MMO's I'd Recommend

Hello! Tis I! Moriarty!

Sorry I haven't been around much, been very low on content for the site since my landlord has raised my rent for the month (don't ask...) so till next month I'm skint meaning no games!

But alas! Not all hope it lost! Because thanks to this wondrous thing called the Internet there are more free things to play with than you could find at any Nymphomaniacs Anonymous meeting!

I'm an avid fan of the MMORPG and the MMOG and a newbie to the MMORTS but I love them all. Sure their grind-city, and yes their communities suck, and of course you spend forever trying to get to one level just to spend forever to get to the next, but never the less I like them :-D Because of this I thought today instead of some review of an Xbox title or a 36o demo, or even a filler list of one line reviews of my bad taste in games, I'd subject you to a top 5 of my favourite MMO's I've played. I used to run a Free MMORPG List so I've played a LOT of them too :-D don't expect to see any you wont have seen on MMO sites, but here is my view on 5 of them which might help you pick one and if not, might entertain you for a few minutes, so here we go:

1. Risk Your Life 2 [YL2]
Why I've put this game in my list is a little strange. The graphics leave a LOT to be desired. The community is awful. Quests are boring. And the glitches in the game which cause boss monsters to appear in newbie villages and so on are beyond why is this here? Because even with these issues RYL2 is FUN! It's the only MMORPG I know where within the blink of an eye you can level, you look pretty cool from the start, and the battle system is quite literally Hack and Slash and fast paced (I'm yet to see ANY other MMORPG which says it's battles are fast paced live up to the claim). If you can talk a few friends into downloading this with you I think you could have a lot of fun, check it out.

2. Perfect World [PW]
Perfect World is one of those games that from the second you run it your quite suprised it's a free game. It's graphics are good, it's gameplay is just right filled with quests, lots of items, armour and mounts as well as an interesting use of the jump ability. One of the cool things about PW is at any time you can pull your character back into the character-creation system and edit them to make them look different, this can be useful for people who get bored of the same look quickly or people into Role Play. There is a draw back to this game though, and it's the one that turns a lot of people off, the translation is pretty damn bad. Still, worth a look, you'll probubly enjoy it if you can look past the one floor.

3. Dream of Mirror Online [DOMO]
I love this game so much :-D it's graphics are just right, it's quests are varied, interesting and even though you into an instance from level 1. There is also something kinda fun about beating the crap out of an adorable pig...I need help. There are a lot of classes to pick from in the game to use with one of 4 races, the only draw-back being you have to get to level 20 before you can change class but when you change class you go back to level 1 again, this meant when I played and became a Swordsman I was one of the only people who dared change class from Basic, although this may seem crap it did mean I was the only one walking around in some pretty cool armour which makes you feel damn smug. The translations are a tiny bit off in the game but not enough to spoil anything and sometimes can be funny (I genuinely saw a Cow meow). I'd recommend this game but due to it's not very chatty community I'd recommend dragging some friends on too.

4. Dungeon Runners [DR]
If there is something that's seriously missing in the world of MMORPGs it's humour. So many serious games about saving the world from a relentless evil, so many depressing and grim looking futures, luckily though DR is a breath of fresh air! Dungeon Runners dose exactly what it says in the name, it's all about running though dungeons in a beautiful 3D similar to WoW but in a Diablo style game play. The game is fast and you'll level up quickly. It's also one of those games where you look cool pretty damn quick kitted out in full armour and a sword bigger than the penis size you lie to girls about in chat rooms. Within a few minutes of playing I'd beat the crap out of a wolf cub with a club and picked up off it's body an Axe that was apparently forged in 'Da Ghetto' (no joking), strait away I knew I'd like the game! Also any game where if you upgrade to premium you get a goblin that eats unwanted treasure and craps out old rocks in my opinion! Sadly though I've just mentioned one of the games draw backs. This is a free game but for a low price you can upgrade to a premium account which allows access to a lot more features as well as the armour you'll desperately need to survive harder dungeons, this means the game will become almost impossible after a few dungeons without paying for a full account, but it's fun while it lasts and worth a poke as the only funny MMO out there.

5. Gunz
Gunz is one of those games which will probably be the only one of it's kind. This death-match guns and melee game lets you look cool from day one...for all of 5 seconds till someone empties an Uzi into your face. The game is VERY fast and not very forgiving but damn dose it let you look cool with wall runs and using your sword to latch onto walls and so on it it one of the few games online which lets you act like Dante from Devil May Cry or something. This game is truly the ultimate in cool as far as MMO's go. Of course though it has a downside. The games community has become similar to Counter Strike where for every 1 nice player, there are 50 morons who just shout stuff and blame every death on hacks and ever kill on skill, it's childish and will put you off playing quickly if you don't remember to not take it seriously. If you can over look this the games quite fun and worth a go :-) good luck, you'll need it!

So there you have it, 5 MMO's you can try if your ever bored and want to play something a little less anti-social. Keep in mind I recommend these 5 out of all the games I have played, not other peoples opinions so please don't leave any comments about how Runescape rocks or Maple Story owns compared to DOMO because I don't care and anyone with an ounce of sense knows Runescape always has and always will suck unless your a paedophile trying to find a retarded 12 year old to touch, and Maple Story is quick to follow and the only excuse I will accept for anyone playing ether of these is because they are female (why the hell do women like Maple Story? o_O I mean...I know women’s taste is different from men, but a sucky game is a sucky game) or their trying to sleep with a female who plays the game.

Anyway, hope this will keep you busy for a while and I'll try to update again soon. <3

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