Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Testing Windows Live Writer

So every time I format my Laptop I try something new, last time it was removing my Start button and replacing it with a pop-up Mac style dock. I quite enjoyed that and have opted for doing it again this time. So this time around I've decided while getting Windows Live Messenger to pick up Windows Live Writer. I thought it was some kind of Windows Vista Notepad but it seems its not as when I opened it instantly I was asked if I had a blog and when I said yes it asked fro my Username, Password and Blog Address. Overly trustingly I handed over the details and after a little uploading and downloading I was presented with a text window, the one I'm typing this in right now. What's odd is that the Title is the same font and colour (as is my text and background) as when it's on the web site, so it appears I'm getting a real-time preview of how my post will look...which is pretty damn cool. If you can see this post then I'm quite happy with the tool and would recommend any blogger pick it up :-D (It also has a built in Spell Checker! JOY!)

Only two major tests though...

1) Can this upload images?
If you can see that then yes...

2) Can it run youtube videos (I normally have to fiddle around in the code editor on Blogger to do this, lets see if we can bypass this)

If you can see this, wehay! :D

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