Monday, 8 September 2008

Chav Town

A while back, god about 2 years ago now, I had to do a final piece of my Multimedia ND in college. Most people were doing promotional posters, or on-screen digital work, so I opted for what I know I'm kinda ok at and decided to make a comic. I was waaaay behind on time and quickly coming up to my dead-line. I had about a week to make the comic including writing and finding a style. Somehow I managed and without sounding smug, the college has continued to display bits of my comic on the walls even now to stop the inspectors from thinking no one works there.

Anyway, while looking though some unmarked blank CDs the other day for my setup CD for Ubuntu I found a copy of the comic and thought I'd share :-D

Keep in mind this comic is 2 years old now, so even I cringe at some of the art/writing elements, it was also highly rushed so the backgrounds behind the characters can be pretty damn shoddy at times. Anyway, I now give you, for the first time in the Den, a non-game related post and, Chav Town:

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