Wednesday, 8 October 2008


What's this? A post? One that has NO video-game reviews, news, or rants? Yeah right, when Pigs fly!

Luckily I found this then huh?

Any who, I've just finished watching the first 4 episodes of the new sci-fi show Fringe. Out of curiosity before I started watching I turned to the wonders of IMDB and checked out their basic sum-up of the show and got this:

A television drama cantered around a female FBI agent who is forced to work with an institutionalized scientist in order to rationalize a brewing storm of unexplained phenomena.

Now am I alone in thinking that sounds like a mildly quirky x-Files? I'm sure I'm not so I went into this show with a bit of a "eh, it's gonna suck" but I was happily suppressed! The show is pretty damn grim and sees no problem in wiping out 140+ people in the first episode in a very disturbing way (seriously, 5 seconds before the intro music you'll get what I mean). The plot is a good one which right away throws you into a dark conspiracy with lots of different characters with no clear good/evil (kinda like Noah from Heroes in season 1) which will keep you watching if nothing else dose. The show is quite evil too because although each episode can be watched as a stand alone show, there is a constant underlying plot filled with questions which I don't think we'll get the answers too in the near future. Quite evil is the last 5 seconds of each show too, where they show a quick image, or a few seconds of something with no explanation of what’s going on but you know it'll all make scenes later down the line.

The characters in the show are all well written although sometimes a little one dimensional (which is forgivable) and the actors play their roles very well. One thing I did notice which was a little odd for a show of this millennium is that the female character, although good looking, isn't some young bit of totty but in fact feels more like a realistic woman within a government agency which is nice, admittedly it seems they've gone for the sex appeal in one of the main male characters, but I guess they had to shoe-horn it in somewhere for the more shallow TV watchers just like they shoe-horned in the black woman (I have to point this out every time I make this complaint about any show or movie that dose it. I am NOT racist, there is a black guy in this show who I think fits in well, but the "personal assistant black woman" thing was done in Sex and the City the movie and it felt just as out of place there as it dose here as she seems to play NO important or even slight role in the show at all).

All in all this is a really good show, I loved it and can't wait for the next episode. One warning though is this is a gruesome show which actually had me looking away from the screen at times (something I've not done outside of a Asian Horror) so if your not a fan of the gruesome world of special effects I'd recommend maybe giving the show a miss, or at least have a pillow close by to hide behind for the yucky bits. Otherwise WATCH THIS SHOW!

Oh...and my god can you feel the hints of Lost in it?

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