Thursday, 16 October 2008

Seven Daaaaays...

So, exactly one week till Fable 2 hit’s the shops here in the UK and as it gets closer I find it harder to sleep, like a kid on Xmas eve knowing that sleep will cause the morning to come sooner but never the less unable to close my eyes with excitement for the copy of Pokemon Stadium I was desperate for but instead though a misunderstanding got Pokemon Snap which resulted in me wasting a year of my life in a Photography Course in College somehow convincing myself real life photography would be just as fun as snapping Pokemon, take it from me, it’s not half as fun without boobies involved…god I’ve gone way off topic now, where was I? Ah that’s right, one week to go for Fable 2! There is a sad side of this I’m not proud of though because although I’m unable to sleep with excitement for the game I’ve been looking forward too the most this entire year (yes more so that Spore, Metal Gear Solid 4, or the less popular “Jillian Michaels Fitness”) on launch day I will be unable to buy a copy due to the money I was planning on using to buy it not exciting after my Landlord decided to take it in rent…trust me kids, when your parents charge you rent for living with them, appreciate it, cause it’s a hell of a lot better than some stranger charging you double it and doesn’t even cook for you! So yeah, I’m all excited, looking up reviews, previews, feature lists and so on but in full knolage that I wont beable to play the game for a minimum of another week after release. So, as you all begin counting down your last week, remember poor me with my fortnight left before I get to enjoy what may be the best RPG on a current generation console…bastards :-(

Ignore the woman and this is a smexy video game-play wise :-D

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