Sunday, 28 September 2008

Some Quick Reviews

Been a while but my heads not really in the game today to make a full post so instead here are some sum-ups of the games I've been playing this week:

Painkiller [Xbox]
The PC version was amazing, the Xbox version...all I can say is God Damn Loading Screens!

Whiplash [Xbox]
Funny, Twisted, You'll laugh at times but hate yourself for it, but still the game feels like it's lacking an element of quality you find in Platformers like Sly Cooper or Jak and Daxter.

Dungeon Explorer [PSP]
A week later and it's still boring...

Pariah [Xbox]
Actually a quality game which I wish had been brought over to the 360 for a nice graphical upgrade. the Game only falls short on it's controls when you use a (surprise, surprise!) Vehicle!

Jelly Car [PC]
Bloody hard and annoying game, but so damn fun!

World of Warcraft [PC]
Shame on me :-( I know, I know. Anyway, not a bad game and one of the better built MMORPGs, if your looking for one, don't trust the bad opinions of the game, try it for yourself on the 14 day trial.

Hyperballoid 2 [PC]
So. Much. Fun! It's breakout made how it should have been made but never could before the here and now.

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