Thursday, 4 September 2008

My 5 Links of the Week #1

I love the internet, and by love I mean LOVE. Because of this love of the internet I tend to spend way too much time on it, and thus where most people are happy jumping between myspace and youtube I tend to explore deeper into the vat of crap in hope of finding some gems. From time to time these gems are found, but their normally hidden between an anime fan site and a porn site.

Anyway, from now on once a week (providing I've found enough good sites in the week) I'll be posting a list of a few good sites I'd recommend you take a 5 minute nose at. NONE of these links are here because I know the owner of the site, or I get money though the advertising or anything, these are all sites I've enjoyed or feel others will enjoy and find useful.

Ok, now that's out of the way lets move onto the list!

1. Moshi Monsters - Remember NeoPets? Remember the simple days before they got over run with adverts and become much more about sucking money out of it and just ended up sucking? Well Moshi Monsters is like that only much better. The site is Flash based (so if your on a slow connection you might have some loading time to wait and if your on a crappy old PC this might system-lag a bit) and they use this well. You can interact with your pet as well as decorate their room with stuff bought from the shops. The only real downside I've found with this site right now is that it's so young meaning there are not endless lists of items to buy, and there are only a few pets, but I think this site has the basis for a high quality site in time so why not get in now if your into this kind of thing, well worth mentioning to your kids too if their bored!

2. Ashens Birdhouse - We all remember those old LCD screen games you could pick up in markets for about £5 (or fifty billion Zimbabwe dollars) which to the untrained and quite stupid (or your parents) eye looked like a DS or something, or those 'no console needed' rip-offs of popular computer games? Good cause if you don't this site might be lost on you for I give you Dr. Ashens Birdhouse! Ashens is a strange guy who reviews the lowest quality crap in a humours way and truly is the embodiment of the British way with his attitude to...well...everything. Well worth a watch and if you enjoy his videos he's currently looking into making a DVD!

3. Zero Punctuation - Another video collection if your a gamer you most likely already know of the wonder which is Yahzee's Zero Punctuation. The show is a once a week (updated Wednesdays) no more than 5 minute review of a game. This sounds dull I know but just try watching one video and you'll be hooked, Yahzee's sense of humour is nothing short of wrong and his world and life views are truly what grumpy old men are made of.

4. Nintendo Super Squad - There are some things in this world that should never be questioned and only enjoyed, one of these things is the NSS. This web-comic is nothing short of weird, taking characters from Nintendo games and screwing them up beyond all logic for a twisted story which actually seems to both go nowhere and also everywhere. Trying to explain this bundle of weirdness to you is really a waste of time, your better off taking a peek yourself, if your a Nintendo fan you should quite enjoy this comic...just don't take it too seriously or you'll hurt your brain trying to work out some of the random crap.

5. Weebl's Stuff - If you have been on the internet for more than a few months no doubt someone has shown you at least one of Jonti's cartoons but just in case your new to the interweb or live under a rock here is Weebl's Stuff, a weird site full of the most bizarre cartoons and songs. It's also home to Weeble and Bob a strange cartoon series that's been going for years now. Worth checking out, will fill a few minutes in your life :D

Check back soon for another collection of links!

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