Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Portal : Prelude

God bless the people at Kotaku, without them I'd miss out on about 90% of any games news and any I found out would be about 3 months late, and thanks to them today I discovered what looks to be my favourite game mod next to Zombie Master and Source Forts...Portal: Prelude!

I loved the original Portal, it was funny, challenging, fun, and quite creative. The only problems? It was short and left way to many questions although I'm not sure exactly what the questions are. Luckily a modding group have been working on Portal: Prelude :D a game which takes place before the original game, back when the Aperture Labs are still populated and not souly run by Glados.

In all honesty I'm a bit too knackered to write up a load of crap which wont sell the mod at all so instead check this out:

and take a look here:

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