Monday, 15 September 2008


This is very sad, very nerdy, and to even look upon any of these is to give up any hint of a social life, buy a copy of W.o.W and start screaming down your microphone at other counter strike players about how everything that is your fault is a hack. For I give you, Mimobots:

You might be thinking 'ok, so their weird little models, so what?' and I'd have to reply from atop my epic steed of epicness 'NO FOOLISH MUSHROOM! FOR THEY ARE USB PENS DESIGNED BY SOME OF THE LEAD ARTISTS IN THE VINYL TOY WORLD!' to which you'd hit me off my Shetland Pony for typing in all caps...*ahem*

So yeah, something quite boring, officy and ugly is finally sneaking it's way into the weird and to use an 80s word..."Zany" world of Vinyl Toy Artists, the people who mass produce farting blue Skunks or Ghetto Darth Vader Masks.

Admittedly though it's not the weird ones by the odd artists which caught my eye, it's the even more nerdy one:

Yup, he's finished killing the Covenant and before Microsoft take him off Bungie and put him in a piss poor game he's taken some time to be a USB Pen just for you! Now before any self respecting nerd contacts me with hate mail I'm not a huge fan of Halo, and it's not so much that it's halo based which appeals to me, it's more the fact it's game franchise based. Some people call it selling out or trying to leech a few more £ off us, but fuck them, I enjoy my NES keychain and my Pikachu Gameboy Colour bag (yes you may send me hate mail now).

So, if your curious about nerding it up, why not check out Mimobots website here:

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