Friday, 19 September 2008


Throughout the history of video-games there have been trends or technology that developers have latched onto. Some have been good like real life physics, or 3D graphics. Some have been less good like the recent removal of health bars from all FPS, and my strongest hatred in video games...Rag doll.

Rag doll came out a while back and was hailed as the step forward in gaming with it's realistic death effects as characters slumped to the floor and stuck their arm though their chest or spun their head like they were possessed by the devil. Rag doll has had a lot of glitches since day 1 and I've never understood why no company has taken the time to fix it, but I'm guessing as even people who hate the system (like me) still buy the games, why waste time and money on fixing it?

Lucky for me and others someone has FINALLY made an effort to go up against rag doll! Not only have they fixed the glitches though, they have given the system a total overhaul involving AI, and real-time animation instead of just making their models go floppy. It's already being used in such games as The Force Unleashed and GTA IV and looks amazing. I'm really excited about seeing this popping up in more and more games and just goes to show how technology is moving forward and where once designers would cut corners and cheat to give effects, these days we can actually enjoy the genuine effects :-D

Anyway, me telling you about it wont have half the effect seeing it will, so check this out and enjoy!

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