Friday, 12 September 2008

So, To Sum Up...

Hello! I haven't posted in a few days have I? Sorry about that, between my inability to find some good content and my really...REEEEEALLY messed up sleep pattern right now (going to bed at 11pm to wake up at 1am isn't healthy) I've been putting off working on an update.

I'm still kinda low on content, no new or good/bad demo's on Xbox Live, the two games I picked up the other day to review are RPGs meaning they are gonna take forever and a day for me to get anywhere in them worthy of writing anything (plus I feel bad subjecting my housemates to me playing Final Fantasy XII in the living room) and even my own game collections looking a bit drab. I have one article planned but it wont be out till next week cause I need to get paid first.

Anyway, today instead I've decided that all the games I've played in the last week, I'm gonna sum up my opinion of in a single line, oddly sounds easier than it is, so here we go:

Dungeon Explorer [PSP]
The concept of dungeon crawling has been an age old fun thing from D&D to Diablo yet somehow Dungeon Explorer has managed to make it boring.

Final Fantasy XII [PS2]
Feels like they pulled the modem out of the FFXI package and sold it as an offline game with characters as deep as my belly button.

Fable : The Lost Chapters [Xbox]
A sadly disliked game by most because of it's inability to live up to a hype even the next game can't achieve nor any game for that matter, but well worth a go if your curious as to why everyone squeals with orgasm when you say "Fable Two".

Metal Arms : Glitch In The System [Xbox]
I was shocked to find not only is this a good and well built game with only a few glitches, it's also quite funny at times and very very heartless.

Kane&Lynch : Dead Men [Xbox 360]
Fuck you guy driving the truck I'll kill you one day!

Spore Creature Creator [PC]
Apparently Spore it's self sucks donkey balls but weeks after buying it I'm still enjoying the creature creator even after making 50+ creatures.

Maximus XV Abraham Strong - Space Mercenary [PC] (that is genuinely it's name)
I love this game so much, not because it's good but in fact because it's so bad, like a cheesy 80s movie, we love them BECAUSE they suck.

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