Saturday, 13 September 2008

5 Free Games To Try

As I can't seem to find 5 sites worth looking at this week, a day late, I'm gonna give you 5 totally free games you should give a look. So, due to a serious lack of sleep leading to an inability to waffle, here's the list:

1. White Chamber - Not to be mixed up with White Chamber the online flash puzzle almost impossible game, White Chamber is a horror point and click adventure based in a space-station. Although the whole game is what feels like a bad western attempt at anime fan art, it's still pretty damn creepy and feels like a space-age Silent Hill at times. I finished the game in one night with a little help from a walkthrough as admittedly this game isn't huge but it's a good little game with an interesting, although a little short, plot. The ambient sounds are bloody creepy and the moments when the ship messes up had me looking over my shoulder the rest of the night and sleeping with the lights on. Well worth a look.

2. Notrium - This top down action game is a hard one for me to put my full recommendation behind because I'm yet to get very far into it stupidly picking the hardest class. The basic idea is you've crash-landed on an alien planet. You have a safe house and that's all. Your mission is to survive which involves hunting down technology to build stuff to help you, collecting food, keeping a fire going, and trying not to get killed by the wildlife. For a game with such basic graphics and a clunky GUI it's bloody fun and I sunk hours into the game last night, only true problem I found was a lack of help with keys in the tutorial.

3. Ocular Ink - This bizarre action game feels like it should be on Nintendo DS not PC. This fun but down right weird game sees you taking the roll of an eyeball with a paintbrush. You have to use the brush to attack enemies by swiping at rocks and so on to knock them into the bad guys. The controls can be a bit funky and it's a bit hard to paint signs on the floor, but it's still a down right weird and fun game.

4. Zelda Classic - We all remember Zelda on the NES right? If not leave my blog now and shame on you! Anyway, not all of us have a working NES, in fact most of us don't anymore, but fear not! Zelda Classic by chance lets you play the classic Zelda game on your PC, but the cool thing is thanks to the editor tools the community have made totally new quests, and even total conversions as well as graphic updates for the classic game. Well worth a go weather you know of the orogins of Zelda or not!

5. The Spirit Engine - I've played this on and off for a good few years now and love the game. It's battle engine is original and a bit weird, the I must admit, I've never paid much attention to the story. Graphics are top notch with sprites the quality of Metal Slug. Fun, long lasting and a good way to judge if Spirit Engine 2 is worth the $18. I strongly encourage you to give this one a go! :-D

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