Saturday, 6 September 2008

Soul Calibur IV Demo...Review?

Right, I did a review a few days back of the Too Human demo on Xbox Live. I quite enjoyed the idea of reviewing demos as well as games because it's a slightly untapped area, and not all of us have the internet speed or hard drive space to go downloading any demo online. Because of this I downloaded Soul Calibur IV on Xbox Live to write a little review of the demo...this proved impossible...why?

Well after downloading an oddly small file I loaded up the game to find the whole menu! Nothing had been blacked out for the demo...then I pressed A...nothing had been blacked out but quite happily they'd tell you the option would not work in the demo, bit of a kick in the balls. So after poking around I finally got to the character selection screen where they gave me the choice of 2 characters, admittedly they gave me both characters second skin too, that was actually quite kind for a beat'em'up demo but then the game started...they gave me literally 3 matches...wait...did I say 3? 2.1 is more like it. Each round lasted 1 KO (you had to kill 2 people to get a K.O but they were one after enough and the battles lasted all of 40 seconds) and after 2 rounds of boring run of the mill characters seen in previous SC games suddenly I was put up against Yoda! DUN DUN DUUUUU! Yes the series spoiling character who I wish would prove to god that Gorge Lucas has abused the life he gave him. Anyway, Yoda said his bit then...the demo fucking fight! Why even put him in there, we all knew the shitty little snot monster was in the game anyway! Not as if one person squealed at the sight of him in the demo!

So yeah, then I was shown a bunch of screens of the same run of the mill game play and sent to the main menu...there’s nothing to review. I dunno if the controls were good cause who leans the moves in a demo? We ALL button mash.

So yeah...there’s that down the shitter.

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