Thursday, 5 February 2009

Pack up guys, were moving!

So, after running the den for what feels like forever but really is only about 4 months I’ve decided I need a change of sitting and thus, the blog is moving!

Moriarty’s Den was always meant to be a place I could rant under another name and thus no repercussions for what I said but in recent weeks I’ve realised it doesn't really matter if people know who I am, close friends and family already know my opinions on the world and strangers, well I hope you all have better things to do than give too much of a crap about what I say. There is also the fact that the site feels too impersonal, partly due to the persona but also because since day one it’s been more about my views on video-games than me, I’m not saying I want it to all be about me, god no, that’d be horridly boring, What I’m saying is political, religiously and other big topics in life I’ve voiced in no way though my blog, and I’ve hardly touched on my other work and with new comics planned for the future I need somewhere to call home on the net to pitch them from.

What’ll Change?
The posts I’ve made over the last 4 months will stay here, I’ve also imported them into the new blog for future readers to look back though if their so horridly bored that sticking forks in their eyes isn’t entertainment enough. As for changes, I’ll no doubt end up talking about video-games too much as it is a major part of my life (not a big part, just pretty much the only part that isn’t stuck in cryogenics) but I also wanna do more rants about life and what pisses me off and what makes me smile. I might also start breaking out the camera a bit more and I hope as the reader base grows (if it grows) who knows, maybe spark a debate or two as well as flame wars in the comments section :-D

The new blog is called:

Now. The sites up, I’ll be making a post or two on there asap just to get it warmed up, so remember the change your bookmark!

See You On The Other Side! <3

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