Wednesday, 4 February 2009



Ah twitter, I mentioned this little web 2.0 tool a while back and in fairness I tried to play it up but I just didn’t care. It seemed like someone had taken the status update used in Facebook and built a site on that and nothing else. Integrating it into your blog seemed like the only logical use, hence I stuck it on here, over there >>>. Anyway, yesterday, after using twitter for a month I finally tried checking out the twitter community, how? I subscribed to Stephen Fry’s twitter, instantly the site became a whole new thing to me, fun, interesting, and insanely nosey! I found that my TV hero was updating his twitter almost constantly, including his epic adventures getting stuck in a lift, I found this weirdly interesting, and the more I red the more I began to fall in love with Twitter. I’ve heard it being described as the ultimate news feed but always took that as marketing bumph but yesterday I realised it really is. People can update their twitters a lot faster than a news crew can report something. People who were these when something happened will “tweet” which will then spread across the…I’m gonna be cool now and coin a term…Twitter-Sphere in moments!

Alas as cool as this all sounds though I enjoy twitter because it goes back to basics. Pictures are in links, no fancy flash animations, no blinking text or pimped out posts. It feels like the IRC equivalent of Web 2.0 which has a real charm for me, a lover of the simple…no I don’t mean I take advantage of mentally ill people…well, not often but I’m getting off topic. I love the setup, the style, the community, and the popularity of twitter and would recommend everyone gives it a try at least for a few weeks and if you do, subscribe to me and I’ll subscribe to you, and together we shall take on the tweets of others!*


*I probably wont talk to you, but we can pretend right?

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