Friday, 23 January 2009

Been A While


Hey dudes and dudes-with-bewbs, if any of you are even still checking this thing. Sorry for the long silence, works been taking up a lot of my time and life's been crushed into the weekends I’d normally use to update. Once again sorry. I’ve been off work for two days ill though so fingers crossed my concentration is here enough to churn out a post or two but I promise nothing!

So, I’ve finally begun to get used to this NetBook although it has presented me with some issues.

1. Even though it’s exactly the same specs as my crap-top and even runs WoW better, after spending 4 days downloading a copy of FFXI (because my copy is on CD and NetBooks don’t have CD drives) I discover it runs it about as good as  I run marathons, same goes for a few other games, but no major kick in the knackers, gaming isn’t the reason I got this little thing, interwebs is! Which leads onto problem…

2. Even though this little thing is designed for web use, you know, MSN, Blogging, and browsing the net, due to it’s…hell I dunno what flash consumes but I’m gonna pretend I know and say due to it’s RAM flash heavy sites (so most sites with banner ad’s by fucktards like Sky or O2) cause IE and FireFox to both throw hissy-fits on a scale which will probably force you to ctrl+alt+delete your way out killing any downloads you had on the go as well as any sites you was looking at…really spoils a porn-a-thon you know!

3. This is a Netbook, as I’ve said, their designed for net based stuff, one of those being Blogging. It comes with a basic webcam for Vloggers but that I have no issue with. My problem is that Windows Live Writer isn’t designed for the international Netbook resolution of 1024x600, this means I can’t access some options due to the lack of a tiny scroll bar someone who should be fired at Microsoft (I pray their in the cutbacks) didn’t put in. Not the NetBooks fault in all fairness but still, it’s bugging me and making blogging less enjoyable.

So yeah, needless to say there isn’t any reason for this update, I’ve just got a headache, I’m bored, and don’t fancy shouting at people on Halo 3 so I thought I’d just rant on here :-)

Anywho, I’ll try getting some updates out soon my lovelies <3

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