Thursday, 1 January 2009

5 Sites To Poke

280157_1jpg So, here we are in 2009, feels kinda...2008ish huh? Anyway, I thought instead of making you guys wait days for a review of one of the many games I got for christmas I'd quickly update with a 5 Sites to Visit list like the good ol' days long long ago in 2008. So, here we go:

1. OCRemix
OCRemix (Over Clocked Remix) is a music remix site that's been running longer than I care to remember now. So what's so special about a remix site? Well OCR is dedicated to remixing video-game music. There are countless Final Fantasy battle theme remixes, more Mario Bros remixes than you can shake a stick at, and even a damn sexy Zelda remix which caused me to bump into the site long long ago. If your unsure about checking the site out (because let's be honest, most remixes suck ass) OCR is such a well respected and recognised site that they were taken on to do the music for Street Fighter II Turbo HD! Worth a check if your into a bit of gaming music but your bored of the same old tunes.

2. Twitter
So, my first act of 2009 was to finally join Twitter! If you don't know what twitter is, it's kinda like...well know your status on Facebook, MySpace or MSN? That little bit after your name where you tend to be silly with something like Moriarty : Has Big Balls, or emo and pissy like Moriarty : Hates you for your lies Peter Molyneux! </3. Anyway, Twitter is pretty much a site based around those little updates. I think it's referred to as an on-the-go mini-blog. You can attach Twitter to a mobile device (one vastly better than my chunk of crap) to update on the go too. The idea is that you and all your friends get it and connect up so you can see who's doing what and make plans based around it. Good idea, but for someone like me...well...don't expect a lot of updates in the ol' Twitter feed to the right there >>>>

3. Good Old Games
GOG is quite a new games portal on the net that only sells old games...sounds crap right? Well it's not! GOG specialises in classic games that the new generation won't have a clue about, from the Fallout originals to Broken Sword and from Simon the Sorcerer to the original Oddworld games. GOG not only brings you the classic titles of yester-year but also at the prices of ether $9.99 or $5.99 (so no major mark-up price on old games). Now you may think 'phhh why pay for these games? Their ripping me off on abandonware titles!' but in fairness to them their not. They only sell titles that are not free on the net, they do have 2 titles that you can pick up for free but you can get them from GOG for free too (with walkthoughs and other goodies). All of the games are Vista and XP compatible and GOG will only release a game when they have the rights to release it for the whole world meaning no 'out in the US now but out in Europe in 2 months'. It's rare I support an online shop but GOG seems to be the kinda shop we need more off, they seem to actually give a crap about their customers. Good on them :-D

4. Go2Web20
G2W20 is the ultimate Web 2.0 directory. Not much else to say's got a nice design, easy to use, runs a little slow on crappy computers like mine but for most people it should run ok. If there is some kind of web 2.0 service you need, if it exists, it's most likely there :-)

Bored of Second Life but hunger for more online social worlds? Why not check out MYRL! MYRL is a small directory of the "best" in social online worlds (personally I'm yet to find one I like so "best" should be based on your own opinion really). What I like about MYRL is it isn't just a link-block. Each button takes you to a small info page on the world and some screen shots to give you a good idea of what your letting yourself in for before you load up what can sometimes be hefty sites with way too many graphics than are needed. If your new to the whole social online world thing this site is for you because you can read up a little on each world without the feeling that your being bullshitted by the worlds own website trying to sell it's self on over played features.

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