Friday, 7 November 2008

Ooo, I say! Some news! Well I Never!

No, nothing about Obama and the U.S Presidency, I'm from the UK, I'm happy to say I don't entirely care so long as he stops America fucking up the world for the rest of us.

No, this news is Den based. As you may have spotted there is now a picture of poo on the right hand side of the site...why? Because I'm currently trying to fiddle the site to make it more, I don't know, human? I mean I've been churning out posts but I get the feeling with each post I'm typing as if I'm a wannabe editor, not just some guy posting on a blog. This place is my little corner of the Internet and I feel it should reflect me a little more, hell, some people might even wanna know a little about the moaning git behind the last 41 posts.

I might fuck up and the whole site will go down, me and HTML have a weird relationship which normally results in a lot of stuff being deleted and me shouting at my screen then crying on my keyboard, so brace yourself for a bit of a choppy time with the Den.

So, what have I done so far?

  • WikiPedia
    I've added a little plug-in to my Live Writer so that I can link and word to the world wide wiki for you guys to get a little more info with the click of a link, this will help when I go off on rants about stuff people don't know or care too much about but their curious to understand. It also makes the site look kinda intelligent...kinda.

  • Profile
    That picture of poo is not just there for fancy decoration, no, it's the start of a small profile about me which I'm still writing up. Yup it's one of those god awful favourite movie?' kinda profiles but I can't be arsed to write up one less run of the mill.
  • :-)'s
    As you may have seen in the last post I've removed the :-)'s and the :-('s and instead use HappyandSad although I don't like the way these stick out and look kinda odd based on the style of the site so expect them to go by the time I'm done editing unless I can fix the black space around them.

  • Topics
    I love video-games, that's been an obvious theme though my blog for a while, but I feel I'm tight casting myself to being a guy who moans about games which feels far too restricting for me so as you no doubt noticed (if you red) my last post was music based, I intend to also post on news topics as they pop up and I quite fancy going back to my old ways of ripping apart movies in the same fashion I moan about games.

  • Packing Up & Moving
    This isn't set in stone but I'm thinking about when I get my new web-site setup moving the blog into the hosting there, although I've become quite settled into my little spot on Blogger so I might keep the Den open as my little hide away from my site, expect some shameless self promotion though.

  • Art
    When I started the Den I had hopes of starting a small gallery on here, then losing motivation I had plans to bring my Deviant Art account back to life, but as anyone who's clicked the link knows that's gone about as well as brain surgery with a brick. I'm hoping to inject a little more art into the blog soon, I can't class myself as a wannabe comic artist and general artist if I don't show my workings. Speaking of which Zom-B isn't dead yet, but A4e and the Charity Shop are taking up most of my time so I'm gonna pick it back up probably in February.

So there you go, a wall of text which is no doubt tl;dr but if you did read it I hope all these updates give you a warm feeling in your belly...because if they didn't give you that feeling, then you might have stomach cancer...might wanna get that checked...


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