Saturday, 15 November 2008


Jesus Christ! I just stuck on Left4Dead again to show my house-mate, for starters playing in a dark room at 1am it's even more scary (but you'd have to be a bit weird to not know that) but more importantly I'd forgotten about the director feature in which every time you play a level it will be different. Obviously not the level it's self but the number of Zombies, what types, where their placed and so on.

Good example of this would be just now. I was playing though the demo finding it a little harder than last time but only a few more Hunters and Smokers, nothing major. Then I got to the final push at the end, here's how it played out:

I run into the room, hit a switch and suddenly I'm swarmed by a pack of zombies which I had to fight off till I got to a mounted gun and ripped them to bits. The End

I run into the room and instantly I'm attacked by a few zombies, while working on these I didn't notice the fucking huge monster coming up behind me which hit me though a window and down a flight of stairs. I had to empty about 15 shotgun shells into it before it dies. Then I run over to the button and hit it causing the swarm of zombies, but this time they come out of a second window too blocking off my way to the mounted gun, quickly I grabbed a Molotov Cocktail and set the floor in front of me on fire and picked off the left over zombies with handguns. The End

Not only dose this keep even the demo fresh, but makes every moment potentially cooler. The first time I was bowled over by the game alone, second time I was won by the shear awesomeness of fighting giants and burning zombies. This truly keeps the game fresh and makes the 20 levels in the full game seem like they could last for a long long time before they get even a little dull. This is gonna be a good game.

Then I showed my house-mate Mirrors Edge...she thought it was bland, boring and kinda sucky...Mirrors Edge is losing fans quickly :-(

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