Saturday, 15 November 2008

And Now Something A Little Different...

This is genuinely someone's 'About Me' on a social network site I'm a member of...

ryt mi name sarah im 19 i live in dirty denaby

im at college doin mechanics

yh im single n wt lvin tho lol

i ant a lemon so dnt ask cuz il av t smash ya lol

lv mi m8s lol

im always up 4 a laugh lol

i ate snobs cnt stand erm

im a chav n wt lol

if ya dnt lyk me get piss ov cuz i wont lyk u eitha

i ant shy im a gobby bitch oh well i tel ya ow it is dnt care if i hurt ya feelin oh well thts me n ant a nice bird im a nasty 1 lol

cnt wait t move art mi mams il b doin a party lol

so really life is shit

if ya mingers dnt luk at mi page

cuz i wont b lukin at urs

if ya want mi msn ask 4 it.

ant got nwt t say so cya bye fuckin gone xx

All I can say to that is I'm now officially pro-abortion right up untill the age of 20...

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